More images of Nokia Normandy’s Android interface surface

Rumoured Nokia Normandy interfaceMore images surfaced today of the Nokia Normandy’s user interface. The three images, courtesy of @evleaks, show what appears to be a lockcreen as well as the phone and Skype apps. The lockscreen shows notifications such as upcoming appointments and messages.

Much as a previous image already did, the new images show that at least one Nokia Normandy variant will come with dual-SIM support. This again supports the claim that it will be an entry-level smartphone intended for emerging markets where dual-SIM is a popular feature.

The single virtual button also shows up again.

The Nokia Normandy will reportedly run a forked version of Google Android. Nokia will likely replace Google services with its own app store and other services (such as Nokia HERE).

With Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s device division set to close in early 2014, it is still unclear whether the Nokia Normandy will ever see the light of day. There have been suggestions recently that it may not be quite as dead as one would expect, suggesting that Nokia is still hoping to release it before the acquisition closes.

Source : @evleaks