Another image of the Nokia Normandy surfaces

Rumoured Nokia NormandyFollowing a rumour that the Android-powered Nokia Normandy was alive and well, a new image of the smartphone has surfaced on China’s social network Weibo. It is quite similar to earlier images, including the single capacitive button, with two key differences: There is no Nokia branding on this latest image and it gives us our first hints at the user interface.

With much of the interface blurred out, only a few details can be gleaned from the image. It does reveal that the Nokia Normandy could be a dual-SIM device, a feature popular in many emerging markets. Past rumours that it will run a forked version of Google Android (like the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets already do) cannot be confirmed with this image.

Nokia is reportedly developing the Nokia Normandy as a entry-level smartphone aimed at emerging markets. The company may be planning to sell it alongside its Asha smartphones and perhaps even replace it entirely with additional Android devices should it prove successful. This all assumes though that Microsoft will simply not kill the project once its acquisition of Nokia’s Devices & Services division for US$7.2 billion closes sometime in early 2014.

Any takers for this Android Nokia Normandy smartphone should it hit markets around the world? Let us know below.

Sources : Weibo // WPCentral