LG-D852 gets FCC approval before coming to Canada?

LG-D852 FCC mentionWe saw earlier this week that two variants of the LG G3 have received FCC approval. The LG-D850 and LG-D851 are reportedly headed to AT&T and T-Mobile USA respectively. A closer look at the LG-D850 FCC documentation has revealed two more variants, the LG-D852 and the LG-D852G.

Digging further, it would appear that the LG-D852 is no different from the LG-D850 and supports LTE bands 2/4/5/7/17 except that it will not offer LTE CA (carrier aggregation). The LG-D852G also does not support LTE CA either and LTE support is limited to band 4. While LTE support is more limited, it does add support for the 1700MHz WCDMA band.

One of our sources has told us that the LG-D852 and LG-D852G could be coming to Canada. If accurate, the former could be headed to carriers pushing LTE and the latter to smaller players such as WIND Mobile.

Carrier aggregation is used in LTE-Advanced. By using more than one carrier or channel (not to be confused with the term carrier as it describes a wireless provider), bandwidth can be increased. A simple analogy would be to compare a single-lane road with a multi-lane one. The latter can support more cars just as carrier aggregation can offer greater bandwidth.

With Canadian carriers starting to deploy their new 700MHz spectrum, we may see more use of carrier aggregation in the future.

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Source : FCC