LG G Watch passes through FCC as LG-W100?

FCC filing for LG-W100

After we received word that the LG G Watch would launch as the LG-W100 and LG-W105L, we had a look at the FCC website and found the former already there. As you would expect, most of the documentation is hidden away behind confidentiality agreements but the filing confirms that the LG-W100 is indeed a smartwatch.

The filing also confirms two other details: It lists it as coming with Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE but shows no sign of 3G or 4G connectivity. This would suggest that the LG-W100 will work as a more traditional smartwatch and require a connection to another device to offer functionality related to making or receiving calls. That would leave the LG-W015L as the model possibly capable of making standalone calls.

Unfortunately, that appears to be all that the FCC documentation reveals for now. LG itself has confirmed that it will come with a metal body and will be dust and waterproof but has revealed little in terms of other specifications. Rumours have suggested that it will come with a 1.65-inch display with a resolution of of 280 by 280 pixels and 4GB of internal memory.

The LG G Watch could sell for as low as US$199 (about CA$220) when it launches later this summer.

Source : FCC