Motorola Moto X+1 smartphone spotted on Chicago transit?

Rumoured Moto X+1It’s been a while we’ve featured a blurry spy shot so we’ll kick off today with an image of what is described as the next Motorola flagship smartphone. The image comes to us via an unnamed tipster via the usually reliable @evleaks.

Unfortunately, the image is so blurry that little can be determined. All we can tell is that it’s an all-touch affair that seems to be wrapped in some kind of case to mask its design. The person who snapped the picture added that it appeared to have a display that “looks at least 5-inch or more.”

If this is indeed our first glimpse at Motorola’s next flagship smartphone, it is likely the Moto X+1. While little is known about the device itself, Motorola has accidentally but effectively confirmed that it should be headed to all four major U.S. carriers. Past rumours have indicated that there will be 25 different backplate options, including wooden ones and leather ones for the first time. We are likely to see a number of hardware and software upgrades, including a better processor, a larger and better display and a better camera. At the same time, Motorola is unlikely to go for cutting-edge specifications to rival those of other current flagship devices in favour of ones that allow it to sell it at a more attractive price.

The Moto X+1 is expected to launch sometime this summer.

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