LG G3 to first LG smartphone to sell more than 10 million units

LG ElectronicsIt appears that LG has struck a home run with its LG G3 smartphone. The company announced this week that its latest flagship device is on track to become the company’s first ever smartphone to sell more than 10 million units. Exactly when is not clear but it’s likely that the company would not brag about this achievement if it was not close to reaching it.

LG’s fortunes began to change for the better with the introduction of the LG G2. While not without its flaws, the LG G2 was a device worthy of being called a flagship device and it was well received by consumers. LG improved upon it with the LG G3 and has now established itself as a credible competitor to market leaders such as Apple and Samsung. LG’s recent success can be attributed at least in part to Chairman Koo Bon-moo pushing the company to return to a philosophy focused on the “basics of a tech-driven corporation.” That includes not only the company’s mobile division but others as well as evidenced by a five-fold increase in sales since he became Chairman.

The news bodes well for future LG mobile devices. The company plans to release more “market-leading products” in the second half of the year. Among those will be the just announced LG G Watch R, a new Android Wear smartwatch with a round display, and LG G3 Stylus, a cheaper alternative to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


Source : The Korea Times