LG G3 to be followed up with LG G3 mini?

Rumoured LG G3 / B2 mini referenceLG last year followed up its flagship LG G2 smartphone with a smaller and more affordable version, the LG G2 mini. That trend is set to repeat itself this year when LG launches the LG G3. A leaked document obtained by MyLGPhones reveals that a device identified by the model number LG-D725 as well as the codename “b2mini.” It just so happens that the LG G3 was codenamed B2 during development, suggesting that the LG-D725 is none other than the LG G3 mini.

According to a UAProf file for the LG-D725 on LG’s website, it will come with an HD (720×1280) display of unspecified size and LTE/HSPA/EDGE/GPRS data connectivity. It also appears that it will come with Android 4.4.2 and an 8MP rear camera. It also looks to be headed to AT&T.

Based on these details alone, it does appear that the LG G3 mini will not only be smaller but will also feature downgraded specifications, much as the LG G2 mini does.

The LG G2 mini launched back in February, about six months after the launch of the LG G2. This suggests that we will not see the LG G3 mini for a while yet. If LG unveils the LG G3 in late June as recent rumours have suggested, we may not see the LG G3 mini until late 2014 or early 2015.

Sources : MyLGPhones // LG