Microsoft readying Android-powered Lumia smartphone and Surface Mini tablet?

Google Android logoThe week kicks off with a couple of interesting rumours courtesy of @evleaks. The first suggests that Microsoft could soon release an Android-powered Lumia smartphone while the second indicates that Microsoft will release the Surface Mini tablet after all.

Should Microsoft release an Android-powered Lumia device, it could represent a seismic shift at Microsoft. The Lumia brand has been used exclusively for Windows Phone since it was launched. Billed by @evleaks as “big news,” it’s not clear if this Lumia device would sport a full version of Android with Google services or would follow in the footsteps of the Nokia X line (including the new Nokia X2) with a forked version of Android running Microsoft services instead. The latter certainly sounds more realistic. This could be nothing more than a move to retire the Nokia X brand and leveraging the well-established Lumia brand instead.

We can’t really see Microsoft considering the alternative. Would Microsoft really offer Android-branded Lumia devices alongside Windows Phone ones? Could Microsoft be hedging its bets as Windows Phone continues to struggle to catch on? If it did, it would look like capitulation.

The new device will reportedly bear  the new “Nokia by Microsoft” branding recently spotted on the upcoming Lumia 830.

Compared to that rumour, the second one is almost boring! @evleaks also reports that Microsoft has also reportedly resumed production of the Surface Mini tablet. A launch could happen later this summer. No reason was provided to explain why Microsoft would have changed its mind after deciding at the last minute not to launch the Surface Mini at an event in May.

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