More evidence that LG readying Windows Phone 8 smartphone

Microsoft Windows Phone logoMicrosoft announced LG as one of its partners for Windows Phone 8 back at Mobile World Congress. While the South Korean company has yet to make any Windows Phone device announcements, past rumours have suggested at least one such device known as the LG Uni8 is in the works. A Windows Program Manager in Korea now appears to have confirmed on his LinkedIn profile that the two companies are indeed working on at least one LG Windows Phone 8 device.

Rumoured LG Uni8

Joong-Young Lee’s profile shows that he was a Microsoft project manager working with LG on “PC, Phone, TV on Windows Threshold & Windows Phone Blue.” It’s not much to go on but does appear to corroborate past hints that the two companies are at least talking at this point. If anything, it appears to show that the partnership spans more than smartphones and extends to devices running Threshold, the rumoured next version of Windows that is supposed to bring Windows and Windows Phone closer together.

LG working on Windows Phone 8 device

There have not been a lot of rumours about an LG Windows Phone 8 device since that LG Uni8 rumour. This could be a sign that such a device is not coming any time soon.

LG last released the Windows Phone 7 LG Optimus 7 (also known as the LG Quantum) and LG Optimus Quantum back in 2010. It dropped out of the Windows Phone market 2012 after describing sales as “not a meaningful figure.”

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