OnePlus One successor codenamed Lettuce?

OnePlusWhile rumours about a OnePlus Tab device turned out to be a hoax, OnePlus may indeed be working on a OnePlus One successor or a companion device. The usually reliable @evleaks today revealed that this new new device is codenamed Lettuce and could launch as the OnePlus Two.

Little else about the device is revealed but @evleaks adds that the OnePlus One was codenamed Bacon during its development. That would certainly help explain the odd codename for its successor.

With smartphone development cycles spanning months, it’s quite likely that OnePlus is already working on a followup to the OnePlus One. Whether it is this device remains to be seen though. In the meantime, the company is also still working on ramping up production of its first smartphone to finally put it up for sale to everyone who wants it.

We can also expect that OnePlus learned a lot from the development and imminent launch of the OnePlus One. Its next launch should go far smoother!

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