Moto 360 to sell for more than CA$450?

Motorola Moto 360The first Android Wear smartwatches, the LG G Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Live, have gone on sale with prices falling in the CA$200 range. Neither will win many fashion accolades and style points for their looks; that honour is likely reserved for the upcoming Moto 360 which sports a circular display and a more polished look. While Motorola has yet to announce pricing, a recent Motorola contest put the price at the US$249 range. Motorola quickly dismissed that price and new signs now suggest that the price could be higher and even significantly higher.

The Moto 360 is now listed on Chinese retailer Jingdong’s website with a price of ¥2800. That converts to a price of about CA$480 (about US$450) or more than twice what the LG and Samsung models sell for. In comparison, both of these are expected to sell for about ¥1,500 in China (neither is currently on the website though).

It may well be that the price currently listed on the website is no more than a placeholder. But it may well be that Motorola will offer the Moto 360 at a premium over its competition. Not only could rumoured manufacturing challenges and a more limited supply push the selling price higher but Motorola has certainly also noted the buzz the Moto 360 has created.

Sources : // G for Games

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  1. I hope you’re wrong! I want this so bad and wouldn’t be able to get it at that price.

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