Moto X headed to Europe with January 14 Motorola announcement?

Motorola January 14, 2014 invitation

Motorola is kicking off 2014 with an announcement in London, England, next week. Set to take place on January 14, the press invitation reveals that the company will “welcome a new addition to the European Motorola family of products.” Unfortunately, Motorola shares little else with us. With its entry-level Moto G already having had its global launch, one strong possibility is that its more powerful sibling, the Moto X, is about to expand its reach beyond North America.

When Motorola first launched the Moto X, it indicated that devices “from the same family” would also make their way to Europe. This suggests that Europe could see a somewhat modified Moto X model. With it already being almost six months old, Motorola may choose to upgrade a few specifications. Another possibility is that it could launch as it did in Canada, the same but without Motomaker and only available in either black or white. Motorola could also announce the opening of a second customization factory to support Europe as shipments from the U.S. would likely be prohibitively expensive. Pocket-lint even suggests that it could be a tablet!

With a week to go before the announcement, it won’t be too long before all is revealed.

Source : Pocket-lint