Apple iPhone phablet in May as new product line rather than iPhone 6?

Apple iPhone 5.7 conceptReports that Apple will launch some larger-sized iPhones in 2014 have been a persistent rumour for some time now. At last word, Apple was planning both 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch devices. Now comes word via Chinese publication Huanqiu that the larger model may indeed launch in May but that Apple will introduce it as a new product line rather than the iPhone 6.

The report adds that the iPhone phablet will use a 20nm processor manufactured by TSMC. It’s not clear though whether it will be a completely new A8 or an updated A7 processor though. Apple having introduced the 64-bit A7 along with the iPhone 5S back in September. It is manufactured by arch-rival Samsung so Apple may well have decided to take its business to TSMC.

As with all rumours, a healthy dose of scepticism is recommended. Interestingly though, this report follows on the heels of a very similar one by Digitimes that also suggested a May launch for an iPhone with a larger display and 20nm processor. Coincidence?

As for the device destined to become the iPhone 6, it is expected to follow in September, about a year after the iPhone 5S was introduced.

Any iPhone users out there interested in stepping up to a 5.7-inch Apple iPhone phablet? Let us know below.

Sources : Huanqiu // BGR