Moto X+1 to offer 25 different backplate options?

Rumoured 2014 MotoMaker backplate options

Motorola itself has confirmed (to no big surprise) that it is working on a successor to its Moto X flagship smartphone. Expected sometime this summer, the usually reliable @evleaks already let us know that it could launch as the Moto X+1. He followed that up by letting us know that after offering wood backplates in 2013, Motorola would add leather ones in 2014. He followed that up today with what appears to be the full list of backplate colour and material options.

In all, there should be 25 different options to choose from, including four leather ones. These latter four would be Black, Red, Grey and Blue. In comparison, MotoMaker currently offers 31 choices so while there are new options, it also appears that Motorola may drop some as well. It is also possible that today’s list is not complete.

There is no word yet on how much the new leather plates could cost.

Other details about the Moto X+1 are slim at this point but we’re still hoping that Motorola will add more customization options to MotoMaker than just new backplate colours and materials.

Source : @evleaks