Motorola to introduce MotoMaker leather back covers this year

Motorola motomaker

We learned this weekend Motorola is likely to unveil a successor to its Moto X flagship smartphone in the near future. This new device could launch as the Moto X+1 or Motorola may use that name in a marketing campaign leading to its announcement. We surmised at the time that Motorola would likely also unveil new customization options with this new Moto X device. That appears to be the case as the usually reliable @evleaks tweeted yesterday that we will see leather as an option in 2014.

Let’s hope that aside from new finish materials, Motorola expands the MotoMaker program to include more hardware options and availability in more markets (including Canada).

At this point, there is no word on when we can expect MotoMaker leather options to launch or for how much. Will Motorola launch them for the Moto X or offer them with the new Moto X+1?

Motorola launched the first wooden back cover for the Moto X in late 2013 and now offers four different wooden finishes (Bamboo, Walnut, Teak and Ebony).