Motorola Shamu poses next to LG G3?

Rumoured Motorola Shamu next to LG G3

Following new details and a press render, the Motorola Shamu, better known as the Google Nexus X or Nexus 6, has now popped up next to the LG G3. The image above first surfaced in comments over at Droid-life and Android Police rather than an actual post. In itself it reveals nothing new but does reaffirm claims that the Shamu will look very much like a larger Moto X. And a large device it will definitely be (thanks to its 5.92 WQHD display) as you can see from the picture where it almost dwarfs the LG G3, itself not a small device.

The poster indicates that he had the device over a month ago and that it is headed to Verizon. If so, a variant of the Motorola Shamu could launch as a DROID device, perhaps the DROID Quark. Android Police adds that the Motorola dimple on the back will make way for a fingerprint scanner and that it will run a 32-bit version of Android L while the Google Nexus 9 will run a 64-bit version. It may also come with wireless charging support but that appears less certain.

The latest rumours suggest that Google will unveil its new Nexus lineup in mid-October with sales to start on November 1.

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