Google to unveil new Nexus hardware on October 15 or October 16

Google NexusWe learned last week that Google might unveil its latest Nexus device(s) on October 16. The rumour focused on the Google Nexus 9 tablet built by HTC. It’s likely that Google would also use such an event to unveil other new Nexus devices, assuming that there are indeed additional devices coming. Now comes word that Google will indeed hold an event on either October 15 or October 16 to unveil new devices and what it describes as a “new software initiative.”

The latter is likely none other than Android L, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. The report adds that while it will be unveiled in mid-October, it will not be ready until November 1. As for the devices, the plural does suggest that the Google Nexus 9 will be accompanied by other devices. Likely among them is the oft-rumoured 5.9-inch Nexus X. Also possible could be a smaller smartphone, either a 5.2-inch device from Motorola or an updated Nexus 5 with 64GB of onboard storage.

If Android L will not be ready until November 1, it appears that we may have to wait until then (or later) to order our new Nexus devices and start downloading firmware updates. The date also lines up nicely with that reported by an older rumour.

If nothing else, these recent rumours suggest that we will not have to wait much longer for Android L and new Nexus devices. But until Google makes it all official, keep a pinch of salt at hand.

Source : AndroidAuthority