Motorola Shamu

Motorola-built Google Nexus X to launch around Halloween

Google Nexus

Rumours about the Motorola-built Nexus smartphone continue to gather steam. PhoneArena has learned that the device is known internally at Motorola as the Nexus X and will carry model number XT1100. The report also suggests that the latest Nexus smartphone could launch around Halloween. It appears now that Google will not name the device the Nexus 6 because of a potential […]

Motorola to launch 8 new devices including Nexus one by the end of the year?

Motorola logo

If the latest rumour holds true, Motorola could wrap up the year with the launch of 8 new devices. Between now and Christmas, Motorola could unveil three new DROID devices, four Motorola branded devices and a Nexus smartphone. It would certainly make for a very busy year-end especially as its acquisition by Lenovo is expected to close in the same […]

Motorola Shamu specifications revealed?

GFXBench benchmark for Motorola Shamu

When the Motorola Shamu popped up on GFXBench yesterday, the usual specifications that came with the benchmarking results were unfortunately missing. Based on the information available, we guessed that it would pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and a Full HD display. A day later, the specifications have appeared and we have a much better idea of what kind of device […]

Motorola Shamu phablet gets benchmarked

Geekbench benchmark for Motorola Shamu

The evidence continues to grow that Google and Motorola are indeed collaborating on a new Nexus device codenamed Shamu. The mysterious device which could come with a 5.9-inch display has now surfaced on the benchmark website GFXBench. Oddly, whereas most other device listings give us a glimpse at specifications, this entry does not. We’re left to go on a single benchmark […]