Motorola showcases new Moto X features in new ads

Moto X (2014)Motorola unveiled the new Moto X earlier this month. Along with the expected hardware upgrades, Motorola also unveiled a number of enhancements to the innovative software it first introduced with the original Moto X. Three new ads focus on some of three particular enhancements, Moto Assist, the enhanced 13MP camera and Moto Voice.

Moto Assist is a contextually aware app that allows the Moto X to behave differently in different situations. For example, as in the video below, it can detect when you are driving. It also knows when you’re in a meeting and can filter calls so that only important ones get through.

On the camera front, Motorola once again makes it possible to launch the camera with a simple twist of the wrist with Quick Capture. It also takes multiple pictures before and after you take your shot, allowing you to select the best shot from several.

Moto Voice is the new name for Touchless Control. The always on service is triggered by a voice command that can now be customized. Like its predecessor, it recognizes a range of commands, making it easier to use your smartphone even when you’re using your hands for something else.

Motorola began to take pre-orders for the Moto X in the U.S. yesterday. It is also coming to Canada via TELUS in either black or bamboo but without the benefit of Moto Maker.