Android 4.4 KitKat now on more than 20% of Android devices

charts_google_android_versions_2014_08The latest edition of the Google Android Platform Versions report is now available. Recent trends continued in the latest report period which ended today. KitKat adoption continues to climb as its predecessor Jelly Bean continued its steady decline. But there was some drama as well: The aging Gingerbread release showed that it’s not quite ready to exit the stage gracefully.

KitKat jumped another 3% and reached 20.9%. Jelly Bean dropped nearly as much, falling from 56.5% to 54.2% since the last report in July. Meanwhile, the now nearly three year old Gingerbread somehow managed to increase its share by 0.1% to 13.6%. Even the older Froyo (Android 2.2) continued to cling to its 0.7% share.

On the Apple side, iOS 7, the latest currently available version, managed to make its way onto another 2% of devices to now sit on 91% of all iOS devices. Both iOS 6 and older versions saw their shares drop by 1%.

iOS version distribution - August 10, 2014

Apple and Google regularly publish their platform version reports to help developers plan what versions of the operating systems they need to support in their apps. It also gives us a glimpse at the state of the Android and iOS universes at a specific point in time.


Sources : Google Developers // Apple Developer