New images reveal Moto X+1 has power button on back

Rumoured Moto X+1Motorola is set to unveil a number of new devices later this week at an event in Chicago. A successor to the Moto X is expected to be among them. Whether it ends up being called the Moto X+1 or not, it has already been the topic of numerous rumours. New pictures surfaced today, giving us a good look at both the front and back and revealing new details. They also line up very well with other recent images.

According to TK Tech News, the Moto X+1 will sport an aluminium frame with customizeable finishes that will include plastic and wood as well as new materials such as leather and denim. We could also see an exclusive Verizon carbon fiber affair.

Rumoured Moto X+1

On the front, we see four sensors. It’s not exactly clear what they will do at this point with theories suggesting that they will enhance the phone’s contextual awareness capabilities or be used as 3D sensors for the display (like the Amazon Fire Phone?).

The new images also indicate that the Motorola logo on the back will be the device’s power button. They also give us a better look at the rear camera and seem to confirm that it will have two flashes embedded in the ring around it, one on each side of the camera.

With only days to go before Motorola’s September 4 event, all should be revealed soon enough. Best of all, Motorola is likely to finally announce launch details for the Moto 360 smartwatch. It may also unveil the second generation Moto G smartphone.

Source : TK Tech News