Nokia social pages go green

Green Nokia Twitter pageNokia’s traditional shade of dark blue has made way tonight for a bright shade of green on a number of its social media pages. So far, the change affects its Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages and there is no explanation from the company yet about this pretty radical change. Has Nokia suddenly developed a new awareness for an environmental cause? It certainly cannot be ruled out. Or could it have something to do with its upcoming MWC 2014 announcement?

If you’ll recall, Nokia’s MWC 2014 press invitation is itself a pretty green affair:

Nokia MWC 2014 press invitation

Let’s assume that all that green is a subtle reference to Android which could power the oft-rumoured Nokia X. That would certainly work except for the fact that Nokia has been rumoured to be using a heavily forked version that will not use Google Mobile Services and share more in common with Windows Phone on the interface side. If so, why draw attention to Android? And why use a different shade of green? Could this new shade represent a different version of Android? Like a Nokiafied Android? Yeah, we may be reaching a bit  here!

Here’s a look at the transformation of Nokia’s Facebook page:

Nokia Facebook page goes green

A recent rumour suggested that Nokia’s dabbling in Android is not limited to a single device but could eventually grow to a suite of devices that include higher-end ones as well. Maybe there is more to this sudden Android fancy than we thought!

What do you think this green Nokia means? Let us know below.

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