Pictures of Nokia Normandy engineering prototype

Rumoured Nokia Normandy engineering prototype

Images of the Android-powered Nokia Normandy continued to surface over the weekend. This time, we were treated to two separate images of the Nokia Normandy engineering prototype. Unlike previous images which were renders, these are actual photographs with one showing the device in a protective case likely aimed at keeping the final look under wraps.

If nothing else, the new images give us another look at the Nokia Normandy and once again reconfirm certain details. Like the renders, these show a single back button and the one image showing the interface also shows that it will be a dual-SIM device. As for the interface, it shows what appears to be a modified version of Android that incorporates elements from Nokia’s own Asha interface.

Rumoured Nokia Normandy engineering prototype

Rumours persist that Nokia is still proceeding “full steam ahead” with the Nokia Normandy. Intended for emerging markets, it could well be a device meant to facilitate the migration from feature phones to smartphones by offering an inexpensive device that has a foot in both camps. For example, it would likely come with access to a collection of apps curated by Nokia rather than the full gamut of Android apps.

The looming Microsoft acquisition could well decide its fate.

Sources : @seamissu // @Picturepan2