Reminder: Second OnePus One pre-order window opens today at 1100 ET

OnePlus OneWith aspirations to sell one million OnePlus One smartphones by the end of the year, OnePlus will today open up its second ever OnePus One pre-order window, allowing people to order the smartphone without requiring an invitation. The first window opened late last month and the company’s servers were quickly overwhelmed. OnePlus promises that “everything’s better the second time around.” We’ll get to see if this is true today as the pre-order window opens at 1100 ET (1600 GMT / 0800 PT).

Last month, we launched our pre-order system as a chance to purchase the OnePlus One without an invite, and tens of thousands of fans became new One users. In the end, we experienced some server issues from the surge visitors to our site. Things could have gone better; but it was an invaluable learning experience for our entire team. That’s why we’re back with our second round of pre-orders.

Behind the scenes, a lot has changed. What hasn’t changed, however, is the shopping process. Just like last time, you can go here to prepare your cart and add shipping and billing information in advance. When the one-hour pre-order windows opens on November 17 at 16:00 GMT (8am PST, 11am EST), you’ll be all set to check out and complete your order with the click of a button.

As last time, your order will ship immediately if in stock. If not, it will be converted to a pre-order with an estimated shipping date. Until the order ships, you can cancel the order, forfeiting your spot in line. An invitation can be used at any time to convert your pre-order into an order with immediate shipping.

OnePlus will also offer a selection of OnePlus accessories at “steeply discounted prices” during the OnePus One pre-order window.

Happy shopping!

Source : OnePlus