More on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s UV sensor

Samsung Galaxy Note logoWe learned last month that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might add a UV sensor to the array of sensors it will sport when it launches later this year. More information emerged this week courtesy of SamMobile about how Samsung will use it.

The information collected by the UV sensor will be aggregated with other health and fitness information by S Health, Samsung’s health and fitness app. Once the intensity of the sun’s ultra-violet radiation has been calculated, the app will be able to make recommendations to help users protect themselves. For example, should the Galaxy Note 4 determine that the UV Index is Low (a rating between 0 and 2), it may recommend wearing sunglasses and an SPF30 or more sunscreen for those who burn easily while an Extreme rating (11+) may remind users to avoid sun exposure between 1000 and 1600 and applying sunscreen every two hours (and perhaps even track this for you).

To measure the UV index correctly, the UV sensor will need to be aimed at the sun at an angle of at least 60 degrees of elevation.

The app will also come with a series of true and false statements about sun protection to help users learn more about UV radiation and its harmful effects.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA 2014 in early September. At this point, it appears that Samsung will be the first manufacturer to incorporate a UV sensor into a smartphone. It was the first to add a heart rate monitor earlier this year with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Do you see yourself using such a feature on your smartphone? Let us know below.

Source : SamMobile