Samsung Gear 2 Solo shows up again

Zauba entry for Samsung Gear 2 Solo

It was in early April that we first heard that Samsung was looking to launch a new smartwatch model that would not require being paired to a smartphone or tablet to make calls. Instead, the Samsung Gear Solo as it was identified then would come with its own modem and SIM card. A while later, a mysterious new Samsung wearable device identified as the RM-710 made its way to Samsung’s test center in India. We conjectured at the time that the two might be one and the same. A second entry on the Zauba imports tracking database appears to have confirmed our guess. The name appears to have changed slightly to Gear 2 Solo.

The entry is the first concrete evidence that Samsung is readying the Gear 2 Solo but it does not confirm that it will be a standalone device. The name alone does suggest a new smartwatch and one able to operate without relying on another. The SM-Rxxx model number gives the former some credence as well.

The Samsung Gear 2 Solo is valued at INR12,292 (about CA$225) but it’s likely to retail for more. As SamMobile points out, the Samsung Gear 2 retails for about CA$330. The extra features the Gear 2 Solo are expected to have will likely also translate to a higher retail price.

Keep in mind that all but the name is strictly conjecture at this point. Hopefully new details will soon emerge to shed light on what Samsung is up to with the Gear 2 Solo.

Sources : // SamMobile