Pebble releases updated firmware and new Android and iOS apps

Pebble SteelToday is a good day for Pebble and Pebble Steel owners. Not only is a new Pebble firmware update rolling out but the company has also updated both its Android and iOS apps.

Pebble released firmware 2.0 earlier this year and it brought along new features like the new Pebble appstore. But as we noted in our Pebble Steel review, it also left behind a few bugs that needed to be ironed out. Firmware 2.1 looks to address those. The release notes list the following changes:

  • Notifications can be cleared via Settings » Notifications » Clear History
  • Improved consistency of battery monitoring
  • Improved Bluetooth reliability when reconnecting
  • Fixed caller ID sometimes not displaying on outgoing calls
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Along with the new firmware, Pebble has also released smaller updates to its Android and iOS apps. The Android version received a fix for a crash-on-boot issue some Android 2.0.15 users were experiencing. The iOS version now supports additional JavaScript apps now available for download in the Pebble appstore.

To update your Pebble firmware, simply connect your Pebble to your Android and iOS app. A notification to update should be waiting for you once you do.

Source : Pebble Blog