Video: Latest All New HTC One teaser focuses on Zoe

HTC teaser for The All New HTC One

With just over a week to go before HTC unveils its latest flagship smartphone, the company today released its latest and last All New HTC One teaser. As in the others, we once again find HTC’s engineer and plain-speaking friend highlighting a key feature of the HTC One. This latest video explains what HTC Zoe is. It’s followed by an explanation of how HTC will improve upon it with the All New HTC One. As with past videos, that part is scrambled, leaving us to wait until March 25 to find out what HTC has in store.

HTC Zoe essentially creates a highlight reel with pictures you have taken with your HTC One. It can also throw in a short three second video and some transitions to create a slide show. It remains to be seen if and how HTC will improve HTC Zoe to take advantage of the dual-sensor Duo camera expected on the All New HTC One.

The previous teasers focused on the UltraPixel camera, the unibody aluminium design, and BoomSound.

HTC will formally unveil the All New HTC One next week at simultaneous events in New York and London. Unfortunately for the company, a flurry of leaks have effectively revealed the device and its new features ahead of the announcement.

Source : YouTube (HTC)