Louis Moinet and Tissot winners at 2015 Concours international de chronométrie

Concours international de chronométrieThe Concours international de chronométrie is a biennial competition in which watches are subjected to rigorous testing to determine which are the most precise timing pieces. For the 2015 competition which just wrapped up, watches were subjected to three chronometric certification tests as well as “severe attacks in the form of magnetic field and impact exposure.” Louis Moinet and Tissot emerged as the winners.

Moinet wins at Concours international de chronométrie

After four months of rigorous testing, Louis Moinet won the Tourbillon category with its with the calibre 8009 found on its Vertalor while Tissot won the Chronograph category with their CO1.211 calibre.

Tissot wins at Concours international de chronométrie

It was a full sweep for Tissot in the Classic category with its  A86.501 taking first placed, followed by the C07.621 and C07.111 calibres in second and third.

A total of 46 watches were registered for this year’s competition. Only 28 watches passed the first series of tests. By the time winners were announced, only six had passed all the tests and earned a ranking. In fact, no winner was declared in the Young watchmakers category as none of the watches passed the tests.

Previous winners include Jaeger-Lecoultre and René Addor in 2009, GreubelForsey and Tissot in 2011, Les Ateliers Leroy and Tissot again in 2013.

Despite the small number of participants in the 2015 competition, plans are already underway for the 2017 competition. “There will be intense discussions over the coming months aimed at redefining the young watchmakers category, and regarding the unrestricted opening of the Competition to companies worldwide!” explained Philippe Fischer, Chairman of the Competition.

Source : Concours international de chronométrie