Louis Moinet

Louis Moinet and Tissot winners at 2015 Concours international de chronométrie

Concours international de chronométrie

The Concours international de chronométrie is a biennial competition in which watches are subjected to rigorous testing to determine which are the most precise timing pieces. For the 2015 competition which just wrapped up, watches were subjected to three chronometric certification tests as well as “severe attacks in the form of magnetic field and impact exposure.” Louis Moinet and Tissot emerged as the winners. […]

Louis Moinet Vertalor Qatar Tourbillon with meteorite inlaid dial

Louis Moinet Vertalor Qatar Tourbillon

If your tastes run into both the prehistoric and cosmic, the Louis Moinet Vertalor Qatar Tourbillon could be more your thing than the Jurassic Watch we recently featured. Based on the Vertalor Qatar, it incorporates elements of both. The cosmic is represented by two fragments of the one and only meteorite ever found in Qatar inlaid in the dial while a […]

Louis Moinet Jurassic Watch comes with dinosaur bone dial

Louis Moinet Jurassic Watch

If two of your passions include traditional watches and dinosaurs, the Louis Moinet Jurassic Watch should probably be at the top of your wishlist. Already known for offering watch pieces that feature exotic materials such as fragments of lunar meteorites and “other rocks from the far-flung corners of the universe,” the latest offering from Louis Moinet sports a dial made […]