Concept Sunday: Slash smartwatch – The most powerful smartwatch

Slash smartwatch conceptTechnology often imposes limitations on design. For example, a number of smartwatches including both generations of the Moto 360 and Olio Model One  both feature displays that are not completely round. Their flat tire design is needed to accommodate some components including an ambient light sensor. Romanian designer Burzo Cipri has now given his Slash smartwatch concept a similar display not because of any technological limitations but because it gives it a unique style.

The Slash smartwatch features a round case but the display is slightly distorted at the top so that it forms a not quite perfect circle. It appears to curve back onto itself at the top as if the top had been folded under.Slash smartwatch concept

Such a design might not be so far-fetched in the not-too distant future. Sharp’s Free-Form Display technology could soon give us displays of any shape.

The Slash is described as the most powerful smartwatch but there are no details as to what exactly makes it so. It also appears to be powered by its own user interface. It uses bold stripes of colours as well as a range of icons to presumably provide notifications for everything from incoming email and calls to social media updates. Unfortunately, few details are provided here as well.

Slash smartwatch concept

It is also easy to customize with a variety of colours and styles from sport and casual to elegant and classy being proposed. It’s not clear if this is achieved simply by changing straps though.

Cipri is planning to seek out funding to turn the Slash smartwatch concept into reality. If it does come to Indiegogo or Kickstarter, do you think you might back the project to bring this concept to life?