Android support finally coming for Withings Activité (Updated)

Withings ActivitéAny Android user looking to pick up the Withings Activité or cheaper Withings Activité Pop which was unveiled at CES 2015 up to now was quickly disappointed when they found out that support for the Withings Health Mate app was limited to iOS. Well aware of this, Withings has been hard at work to add Activité support to its Android app. It was to have been ready in late January but that deadline came and went without any good news for Android users. The company confirmed today that the new app will finally be available on Google Play on Monday, March 2nd 2015.

Withings also revealed that data collected through its Activité smartwatches will also be passed on to Google Fit, Google’s own fitness tracker.

As far as app functionality is concerned, no major changes are expected.

We’ll update this post when the app update goes live.

Now, if only the Withings Activité Pop could reach our shores…

Withings Activité Pop

Update (3/2/2015): A new version of the Withings Health Mate app is now in Google Play.

“Following on from the overwhelming reception that both the Activité and Activité Pop have received on their elegance and design, we have listened to our dynamic Android community and it seemed natural for us to quickly provide Android compatibility for each product,“ said Cédric Hutchings, CEO of Withings.


The data shared with Google Fit includes:

  • Smart Body Analyzer: Weight
  • Withings Pulse 0x: Steps and Heart Rate
  • Withings Health Mate app: Steps

Sources : Google Play // Engadget