Chronos smart disk for watches now available for pre-order

Chronos diskWe first told you about the Chronos earlier this summer. The disk-like device attaches to the back of a traditional watch via “micro-suction” and gives it a number of smartwatch functions. For example, notifications and alerts are delivered via vibrations and coloured lights that shine out from under your watch from tiny LEDs. It can also detect taps on the watch face and sides and use them to trigger actions like sending an incoming call to voice mail or controlling your music playback.

Chronos today announced that it has begun to take pre-orders. The first 250 Chronos disks are selling for US$79 (about CA$105). Once those are gone, the pre-order price will jump to US$99 (about CA$130). After the pre-order period, the Chronos will sell for US$129 (about CA$170).

The Chronos disk measures 33mm in diameter and is 3mm thick. The company expects that it should be compatible with about 80% of watches on the market today.

Chronos disk

It packs an accelerometer and Bluetooth 4.0 LE in a stainless steel casing that is water-resistant. Its battery should provide about 36 hours of operation and it can be recharged wirelessly.

A companion app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. It offers the ability to manage notifications, an integrated fitness tracker and the ability to personalize gesture controls.

Chronos shipments are expected to begin in Spring 2016.

Source : Chronos