Concept Sunday: 3ANGLE smartwatch face

3ANGLE smartwatch face conceptWe’ve featured a number of smartwatch concepts on Concept Sunday. This week, we bring you the 3ANGLE, a concept watch face designed by Rasam Rostami specifically for smartwatches. It does away with the traditional hands in favour of an ever-changing time-telling triangle.

3ANGLE is a concept sci-fi smartwatch face. The Idea is about connecting the dots that each pointer is pointing so you have a triangle on your wrist, constantly and smoothly changing it’s shape every 5 seconds.

3ANGLE smartwatch face concept

The triangle’s three points denote the hours, minutes and seconds. The point with the largest circle marks the hours, the middle-sized one the minutes and the smallest the seconds. Each day, at 08:40:40 and 20:40:40, the three points land on the same spot and the triangle briefly disappears, leaving only the three overlapping points.

3ANGLE settings allow you to change the colour scheme as well as toggle between Day/Night or automatic modes.

Anyone out there want the 3ANGLE smartwatch face for their Android Wear or Pebble Time smartwatch? Let us know below.

3ANGLE smartwatch face concept

Source : Behance