Upcoming Xiaomi Mi Band 1S to include heart rate monitor?

Rumoured Xiaomi MI Band 1SThe Xiaomi Mi Band has proven to be a successful product for the Chinese company. At last estimate, some six million of the inexpensive fitness tracker have already shipped. With the company expanding availability to markets such as the U.S. recently, sales should continue to remain strong even as the company readies a follow-up or perhaps even more than one.

While there have been rumours about a Xiaomi Mi Band 2, it now appears that there could also be a Xiaomi Mi Band 1S as well. Unlike the former which could gain a display, this latter model would remain quite similar to the Xiaomi Mi Band but would add a heart rate monitor.

Rumoured Xiaomi MI Band 1S


Images found on the Taiwanese National Communications Commission’s website show both the top and bottom of the new device. The bottom image reveals what is almost certainly the new heart rate monitor while an image of the top reveals little change. Rather than a display, it will continue to use three LED lights to convey basic information. Dimensions look to be identical or nearly so, suggesting that the current Mi Band accessories will also work with the new Mi Band 1S.


There is no word yet on when Xiaomi might announce the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S. As far as pricing goes, it will presumably sell for the same price or slightly more than the current Xiaomi Mi Band which sells for about US$15 (about CA$20).

Source : Fonearena