Concept Sunday: Bentley Smartwatch

Bentley Smartwatch conceptWearables are a quickly growing new product category. Luxury brands have started to notice and many have already jumped on with their own connected devices. The Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch, the Breitling B55 Connected Chronograph and the Tag Heuer Connected Watch are but three examples of high-end wearables already on the market. Many other luxury brands have yet to make the jump, leaving us to imagine what their future products could look like. We’ve already seen concepts for a IWC Schaffhausen Smartwatch and a Rolex Navigator smartwatch. Portugal’s João Sampaio now gives us a look at what a Bentley Smartwatch could look like.

Bentley Smartwatch concept

No details are provided about the Bentley Smartwatch unfortunately. If nothing else, we know that such a timepiece would use the same high-end materials that one can find in Bentley’s cars. A single watch face is shown on the renders but it would presumably be one of a collection of Bentley-branded faces. Accents on the watch including on the crown and the band stitching are matched to elements of the dial including the hands and sub-dial progress bar.

Bentley would presumably partner with a technology partner to develop its smartatch.For example, it could well do as Tag Heuer has done and partner with Google and Intel to provide the smartwatch component and matching app while it would provide the case, strap and the customer experience that Bentley customers are used to.

Bentley already offers a range of accessories that includes handbags, wallets, clothing and desk clocks. A Bentley smartwatch may not be such a stretch after all.

Bentley Smartwatch concept

Source : Behance