Concept Sunday: HTC 2020 wearable smartphone

HTC 2020 smartphone conceptThe promise of flexible displays and other components suggest that future smartphones will escape from the constraints of the current designs to take on a range of form factors. The idea that it could take the form of a wearable bracelet is not new. For example, we featured the convertible Google Nexus 360 smartphone on Concept Sunday back in 2014. Russian industrial designer Philipp Skorobogatov has come up with a similar concept. The HTC 2020 is his concept of what the HTC smartphone could look like in only a few short years.

Based on the idea that our smartphones are quickly becoming indispensable accessories, he envisions the HTC 2020 as a wearable smartphone that offers a number of personalisation features to become an accessory that defines its user.

HTC 2020 smartphone concept

The HTC 2020 can be personalized in two different ways. The first is physical. It allows the user to modify the functionality and appearance using different attachments. One example shows how one of these would clip onto the side to add what appears to be a crown that would presumably offer additional controls for some unspecified functions. Another example suggests different skins although it’s not clear how these would work with the wrap around display.

HTC 2020 smartphone concept

It does not appear that the device would be flexible. It looks like the device would need to slipped on and off the wrist although some sketches that there would be some kind of clasp that would open to make it easier to slip on or off.

The second way to personalize the HTC 2020 is digital. The energy-saving display would always be on and would be customizeable using different backgrounds and user interfaces. This is a familiar concept to most contemporary smartphones and many wearables already. It’s not clear if there is more to it here. In this case, the display would adopt a decorative background when not in use.

It remains to be seen if our smartphones will migrate to our wrists. If they do, perhaps a future HTC flagship smartphone will indeed look like the HTC 2020.

Source : Behance