Concept Sunday: Slyde Hybrid watch

Slyde Hybrid conceptIf you cannot decide between a traditional watch and a smartwatch, Fabrice Gonet may have the answer for you. The  Art Director and manager of the Slyde project at HD3, came up with the Slyde Hybrid concept watch. Billed as “a fusion concept of a mechanical watch and a smartwatch,” it incorporates both a traditional display as well as a digital one. But it does so in a rather unique fashion.

The Slyde Hybrid comes with two dials, one on each side of the case. At any one time, only one is visible. A mechanism lets you quickly switch from one to the other. Simply release the clasp on the side, flip the display up 90 degrees on its hinge, rotate and fold back. Close the clasp and you’ve just gone from a traditional watch dial to a digital one (or vice versa).

Slyde Hybrid concept

The watch is billed as a smartwatch so we presume that it will be able to connect to your smartphone to bring you the usual notifications and tracking capabilities we now expect from such watches.

No specifications for the Slyde Hybrid were provided. Don’t expect a small watch though. It certainly projects heft in spades. Slyde Hybrid concept

The Slyde Hybrid shares the same angular and industrial design as that of the HD3 Slyde, a luxury watch that opted for touchscreen digital display all the way back in 2012. It’s not a coincidence as Gonet was part of the team that developed that watch as well with Jorg Hysek.

Source : Behance