Concept Sunday: The convertible S:Watch

S:Watch conceptAt first glance, the S:Watch concept appears to be yet another smartwatch with a circular display and a new interface, in this case based on the classic iPod control wheel. Developed as a group project at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Filip Ridderström, the watch is designed to not only be a fashion statement but also offer significant flash storage.

S:Watch concept

The team discovered its final design was “rather large” and could not be made much smaller. Undeterred, the team turned their initial concept into a convertible watch. The wristband can easily be replaced with different ones and can even be transformed into a pendant watch or a pocket watch.

S:Watch concept

Little is provided in terms of technical details about the S:Watch. It’s not clear exactly how much storage it is designed to offer (and why for that matter – Music perhaps). Other hardware specifications are also not provided. As for the software, all we are given are a few tantalizing images of a clean and minimal interface and hints that it is based on the distinctive wheel interface of the Apple iPod.

The project was requested by a real (but unnamed) client. Perhaps the S:Watch will become a real product in the not too distant future. If not, perhaps we will see some elements of it live on in other products.

Source : Behance