DODO premium leather bands now available for Moto 360

Moto 360 DODO premium leather bandYou have more choices today when it comes to accessorizing your Moto 360 smartwatch. Motorola today began to offer new DODO premium leather watch bands alongside its own metal and Horween leather straps. Four colours are available: Blue, Green, Tan and Red.

Express your unique style with a premium Pergamena leather band from DODO — perfect for everyday life or even formal events. With a variety of colors, the choice is yours.

The new DODO stitched leather bands sell for US$59.99 (about CA$72) through Motorola’s U.S. website. While more expensive than the Horween leather bands, these are still cheaper than the metal bands which sell for US$79.99 (about CA$96).

There is no word yet on whether thee DODO bands will be available in Canada as well.

Back in the fall, Motorola also announced plans also offer a line of TYLT colourful silicone bands. There is no word yet on when these will launch.

Source : Motorola