Elephone readying Android Wear Elephone ELE-Watch

Elephone ELE-WatchWhen we learned earlier this week that the Moto 360 would launch in China with a version of Android Wear customized to the Chinese market and local laws, we wondered whether other companies would follow in Lenovo’s footsteps. It did not take long for an answer to surface. Elephone, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has announced such a smartwatch. The company is now teasing the Elephone ELE-Watch on its website, billing it as the “first Elephone top-notch Android watch.”

Little is known about the Elephone ELE-Watch at this point. The teaser only confirms that it will run Android Wear but does not confirm that it will be the customized Chinese version. It certainly appears to be the likeliest scenario if Elephone is to offer its smartwatch in China.

The customized Chinese version of Android Wear replaces a number of Google services with similar ones offered by Chinese companies. For example, Mobvoi provides search and voice recognition while Sogou offers mapping functionality. Even the “Ok Google” voice command has been replaced by “Ni hao Android.”

The sole image offered on the website suggests that it will sport a metal case and bracelet. Much like the new Moto 360, a single button is positioned at the 2 o’clock mark. There is no indication of the size of the display but it appears free of any “flat tire” black bar.

According to additional information obtained by Android Headlines, it will come with an optical heart-rate monitor on the back of the case and will be available in three different colours (silver presumably being one of these). An image appears to confirm this.

Rumoured Elephone ELE-Watch smartwatch

There is no word yet on pricing or availability. Elephone only promises that it is “coming soon.”

Source: ElephoneAndroid Headlines