HTC working on Android Wear smartwatch codenamed Halfbeak

HTC Omni concept smartwatchWe first learned that HTC was looking to jump into the wearables market all the way back in 2013. Former CEO Peter Chou even confirmed that the company was still working on a smartwatch as recently as March of this year. In the meantime, the only wearable announced and then cancelled by HTC to date is the HTC Grip fitness tracker. New information obtained today by Phandroid suggests that HTC is indeed still working on a smartwatch codenamed Halfbeak.

The HTC Halfbeak will reportedly come with a round display with a resolution of 360 by 360 pixels. Unfortunately, little is known about it at this point.

The halfbeak is a type of fish. Android Wear smartwatches from other companies have also been codenamed after fish so this latest name is certainly fitting.

With rumours of an HTC press event to be announced shortly for September 29th, perhaps we will learn more about the HTC Halfbeak then. The event is expected to focus on one or two new flagship smartphones but it is possible that they will need to share the spotlight with the first HTC smartwatch.

Source: Phandroid

Source : Phandroid