MWC 2015: HTC jumps into wearables with HTC Grip

HTC Grip

As recent rumours had suggested, HTC today announced its first wearable and it is not the smartwatch that had once been the topic of speculation. Instead, the HTC Grip is a GPS-neabled fitness tracker that will work with Under Armour’s UA Record software platform which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Along with GPS, the HTC Grip packs an additional four sensors including a gyroscope and an accelerometer. But unlike many fitness trackers, HTC has chosen to skip the heart rate monitor. Instead, it will be compatible with external and presumably far more accurate monitors.

A “multi-sport mode” will allow users to use the HTC Grip across a range of activities, including cycling and running. A PMOLED (Passive Matrix OLED) 180 by 32 pixel display will provide glanceable updates not only of your progress to date but also the usual notifications from your smartphone, including text messages, incoming calls and calendar alerts.

Battery life is rated at two to three days although that drops to a mere five hours when GPS is enabled (still enough time to run a marathon, HTC points out).

The HTC Grip will come in three sizes. Further size adjustments will be possible with additional links included with it to ensure the right fit for everyone.

The HTC Grip will launch later this year. The initial launch will focus on the U.S. where it will sell for US$199 (about CA$250).

Source : @HTC