Concept Sunday: Microsoft Lumia Watch powered by Windows 10

Microsoft Lumia Watch conceptWe recently caught a look at what the first smartwatch powered by Windows Phone might have looked like had it not been cancelled by Microsoft. While the Nokia Moonraker is unlikely to ever see the light of day, Armend Lleshi believes that Microsoft should take another look at offering a smartwatch and offers up this Microsoft Lumia Watch concept as one possibility.

The Microsoft Lumia Watch is a smartwatch with a metal body and a 1.7-inch display with a 315 by 380 pixel resolution. Six different colours are offered: Black, Gold, Grey, Green, Orange and Blue.

Microsoft Lumia Watch concept

It is powered by a special version of the upcoming Windows 10 operating system known as Windows 10 For Watch. Those familiar with Windows Phone tiles should quickly feel at home although it’s not clear if they would work as the same way that Live Tiles do.

Among the features offered is the ability to have different watch faces, StartScreen tiles, a heart rate sensor on the case back, Cortana integration to offer voice commands and the usual array of smartwatch functions including notifications and an activity and fitness tracker.

Do you think that Microsoft will offer a smartwatch based on its Windows 10 operating system? The fact that it jumped into wearables last year with the Microsoft Band and is likely working on a successor suggests that such a move is not out of the realm of possibility.

Microsoft Lumia Watch concept

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