New Apple Watch ads show usefulness of smartwatches

Apple WatchWith the new Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus having received the spotlight, Apple has released a new series of ads that brings attention back to the Apple Watch. The six videos all show a way in which a smartwatch can be more useful than a smartphone.

Siri is the star of what is arguably the best video of the series. In it, a quick voice command quickly provides turn-by-turn directions without ever having to reach for an iPhone.

Other videos show how you can use your Apple Watch to set up a date with your girlfriend by sending her an audio message, keep an eye on your heartbeat and training goals, delivering notifications or using Apple Pay to quickly replace the ice cream cone that was just dropped.

Unfortunately, not all work quite as well. The health and fitness ones in particular do little to show how the Apple Watch is supposed to stand above its many competitors.

In fact, these new Apple Watch ads could just as easily star any number of competing smartwatches given that they focus on features offered by the many competitors Apple has in the wearables space.

Which of these ads is your favourite? Let us know below.

Source : Apple