Samsung to showcase three Creative Lab wearable projects at CES 2016

Samsung NameThe Samsung Creative Lab (C-Lab) allows the company’s employees to develop their own creative business ideas. Samsung will bring three wearable C-Lab projects to CES 2016 which kicks off next week. The three projects are the WELT smart healthcare belt, the rink hand-motion controller for mobile VR devices and TipTalk watch strap that allows you to hear sound transmitted through your own body.

Samsung Welt

Samsung WeltWelt is described as a smart wearable healthcare belt. While it looks like a normal belt, it can measure everything from the user’s waist size and eating habits to the number of steps taken and time spent sitting down. This data is sent back to a companion app for analysis. The data can also be used to come up with personalized healthcare and weight management plans.

The Samsung Welt will presumably come in a range of styles should it make it to market.

Samsung rink

Samsung rinkThe rink wearable is a hand-motion controller for VR devices like the Samsung Gear VR. The ability to use your hands as controls for the game or content being viewed promises “a much deeper level of mobile VR immersion.” Samsung already offers a consumer version of the Gear VR for US$99 (about CA$140) and the rink could well become its first official accessory.

Samsung TipTalk

Samsung TipTalkThe TipTalk is a watch strap that can be added to both traditional and smart watches. It syncs with a smartphone to enable Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality. To ear a call or message, you simply have to touch your finger to your ear. The sound is transmitted through your body and does not require you to wear a headset or earphones.

TipTalk has already been spun out of Samsung’s C-Lab as a new independent company called Innomdle Lab.

All three projects are still in development. Samsung will use CES 2016 to access their market potential and gather user feedback to make further improvements to each. It remains to be seen if any of these projects will eventually make it to market.

Source : Samsung