Samsung Creative Lab

Samsung WELT smart healthcare belt spun off as independent company

Samsung Welt

Samsung showed off its WELT (short for “wellness belt”) smart healthcare belt at CES 2016. Developed under the umbrella of the Samsung Creative Lab (C-Lab), it is one of five projects that became an independent startup company after Samsung deemed it to be not only creative but also having high potential for commercial success. “This year is the fourth year since C-Lab was initiated,” said […]

Samsung to showcase three Creative Lab wearable projects at CES 2016

Samsung rink

The Samsung Creative Lab (C-Lab) allows the company’s employees to develop their own creative business ideas. Samsung will bring three wearable C-Lab projects to CES 2016 which kicks off next week. The three projects are the WELT smart healthcare belt, the rink hand-motion controller for mobile VR devices and TipTalk watch strap that allows you to hear sound transmitted through your own body. Samsung Welt Welt is described as […]