TAG Heuer Carrera Connected press conference livestream (Updated)

Tag Heuer ConnectedWe’re about 15 hours from the Tag Heuer Connected press conference. The Swiss watchmaker is about to unveil its first smartwatch. Developed in partnership with Google and Intel, the TAG Heuer Carrera Connected promises to marry the looks of the TAG Heuer Carrera – Heuer 01 (pictured below) with the capabilities of Android Wear and, most likely, a low-power Intel processor.

TAG Heuer Carrera - Heuer 01Tag Heuer provided fewer teasers than we expected but promises that the Tag Heuer Carrera Connected will be “a product that is both luxurious, and seamlessly connected to its wearer’s daily life – a culmination of innovation, creativity and design from Silicon Valley in California and the Watch Valley in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.”

All that we know about the Tag Heuer Carrera Connected so far is that it will offer about 40 hours of battery life. It should also be ugpradeable although Tag Heuer has yet to explain exactly how this will work. Initially expected to sell for about US$1,800 (about CA$2,400), it will now go on sale for US$1,500.

CEO Jean-Claude Biver also revealed that it will sport an all-titanium case with a choice of six coloured straps. He also promises that it will offer nearly all of the functionality of the rival Apple Watch. The case, hands crown and “the idea” are all Swiss, added Biver.

The Tag Heuer Connected press conference will take place in New York City at the LVMH Tower on Monday, November 9th. If you are unable to make it down in person, you can still see the press conference unfold in real time thanks to the TAG Heuer Connected press conference livestream. And we’ve embedded it here for your convenience!

Will you be watching at 1100 ET (0800 PT or 1600 GMT) on November 9th? Let us know below.

Update (2015/11/09): We have updated this story with new details provided by CEO Jean-Claude Biver in an interview with Switzerland’s Le Matin today.

Source : Le Matin