Will the Pick Up Girls Smartwatch help you meet more ladies?

Dating skills smartwatchA new smartwatch has popped up on Indiegogo that promises to do something that no other smartwatch offers. The Pick Up Girls SmartWatch promises to help you “meet more girls and have more sex.”

And how will the Dating Skills Smartwatch do this, you ask.By programming your brain and making you more confident, more comfortable speaking with girls and releasing your inhibitions. It will do by playing subliminal messages “that your ear cannot hear but your brain does (below 20Hz).”

While the campaign claims that “subliminal programming and hypnosis participants have improved results, emotional and behavioral changes, better memory retention, and a host of other positive improvements,” it provides little factual information about the hypnosis technology used by the watch.

Hypnotizing you to become a lady killer is not the only thing the watch will do for you. “Eyecatching watchfaces” will help you break the ice with the ladies. For example, you could say “I got these flowers for you.” as you show off a watch face with roses on it. Alternatively, a cute kitten watch face would help you open with “Do you want to see my kitten?”

After 14 days, the campaign has yet to raise a single dollar towards its US$10,000 goal. It appears that the project could benefit from some of that hypnosis technology to convince prospective funders that they really need the Dating Skills Smartwatch.

Yes, we did check and today is not April Fools Day.

Source : Indiegogo