Concept Sunday: Vision Pro Watch 3

Vision Pro Watch 3 by Hass T.Smartwatches are quickly catching on with consumers. More than 5 million of them shipped in Q2 2015 alone and the smartwatch market is not expected to slow down any time soon. While most are relatively affordable affairs, a number are clearly aimed at the luxury market. The Apple Watch Edition is the best (and likely best-selling) example of that. The Vision Pro Watch 3 is a concept of what another such luxury smartwatch could look like.

Hass.T, whose work we have already featured on Concept Sunday, completely redesigned his Pro Watch 2 for this concept. It features a metal case with circular display protected by Gorilla Glass. It will also feature a leather strap sporting a design called Hexagonal Quilted Leather or Hexa Quilted Leather. A perforated leather option is also in the cards. A range of colours is planned. A range of precious metal options for the case would presumably also be offered.

Unfortunately, Hass T. has only released the one image and the few details so far. He promises a full reveal of the Vision Pro Watch 3 following that of his iPod Nano 8th generation concept. Hopefully that includes details on the operating system running this watch as it appears to be proprietary (and that could mean some new ideas for the user interface).

We previously featured Hass T.’s circular Apple Watch 2 on Concept Sunday.

Source : Google+ (Hass.T)